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Today there is no company which doesn't care about the position of the website on search engines. As everybody we are cared too and monitor everytime our ranks. Here you can find our website at the main search engines of the world and for sure one of the greatest and full lists of worldwide search engines. Probably you will find something unknown for you and useful as well.

What is the reason of other search engines which are not in the Top-3?

First and the main reason are the local search engines which are specialized with the language and country. In some cases you will receive completely different results than for example in Google. Moreover in some countries like China, Korea, Russia etc. Google takes less percentage than the local main search engine.
Second thing could be other services - lots of them are connected with news block, e-mail etc. so it means that the user use one website for e-mail and main search.
Next thing could be privacy and other policy to deal with cookies to make searches more confidential. Other thing could be specialization with blogs, social media, account searches etc. so more targeted thing you can get in Google or you need to make it with filters.
Sometimes the search engine provides not the unique algorythm but transfers the results catched in Google, Bing, MSN etc.
Other could be interface, less advertisement, more informative, attractive design or just the following of the experience of last ten years when the perfect Google was not so big and powerful than today. Moreover lots of startups want to catch at least small piece of top search engines power so today and tommorow anyway we will have different ways of our search.

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