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Punching tools Trumpf

We offer for our customers all punching tooling solutions for tooling system Trumpf Style which is used on punching machines and punching presses:
Trumpf, HACO, Omes, Ilci, Boschert, Pullmax, Euromac etc.
We supply all tools (punches, dies, guides, strippers, adapters, inserts etc.) for any forms from 0 till 3 Size (Gr) with any standard or special shapes, forming tools, cluster tools etc.
We are able to assist the customer to recommend tools according to his parts or supply necessary consumables to replace the tools from other manufacturers.
Punching tools Trumpf

Sizes and systems

    Tools for 0A, 0B Size, 1, 2, 3 Size
    Standard or reinforced (Heavy Duty) tools

Key features

    All tools are made in Italy with high-quality materials
    Material types: HSS (high speed steel) and HWS (hardened non-deformable steel)
    Additional TiCN coating under request
    Replacement for original tools and tools of other manufacturers
    Fast delivery deadlines
    Any standard tools and special forms under request


    Standard and Heavy Duty punches 0A/0B, 1, 2, 3 Size
    Dies 1, 2, 3 Size
    Standard and whisper punches
    Standard and PU strippers
    Multitool (Revotool) 4, 5, 6, 10 stations
    Slitting tools 5 x 30, 5 x 56, 5 x 76,2 mm
    Additional adapters, inserts, alignment rings, brush dies, special tools


Punch and die grinder

Punch and die grinder

Semi-automatic effective machine for grinding of punches and dies for punching presses as the maintenance process for punching tools. ll possible types (Amada Thick Turret, Trumpf, Multitool etc.) as well as special punching tools could be proceed up to diameter of 180 mm.

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