Punching tools background

Punching and bending tools for AMADA machines

We are able to offer and supply non-original tools with full interchangeability for use with AMADA press brakes and punching machines. For details or specifications please contact us.
Together with the tool supplies we can provide bending sequences for press brake tools, DXF file for library import, all necessary parameters for special forms.
We can supply standard as well as special forming tools according to the customer needs and applications.

Punching tools for Amada punch presses - Thick Turret

We can supply tools for punch presses:
- Amada AC (Acute)
- Amada AE
- Amada Apelio (combination)
- Amada Arcade
- Amada Aries
- Amada EM (EMZ)
- Amada EMZ
- Amada Europe
- Amada Pega
- Amada Vela
- Amada Vipros King / Queen

Bending tools for Amada press brakes - Promecam

We can supply tools for press brakes:
- Amada Astro (Robotic)
- Amada HF
- Amada HFBO
- Amada HFE
- Amada HFP
- Amada HFT
- Amada HS
- Amada ITS / ITPS
- Amada M2 (HFE M2)
- Amada RG

Normally, we can support any machine produced in Europe for European market. If you have other model please contact us to verify the possibility to supply tools.

For original tools or direct contact with the manufacturer please proceed to the website: AMADA Global

Attention: All the brands, machines, manufacturers and trademarks are used only for the information, are not connected with PRECITOOLS and are property of their respected owners.