Press brake working background

Bending tools for press brakes Trumpf - WILA

We offer for our customers all bending tooling solutions for hydraulic and electric press brakes for clamping system Trumpf - WILA which is used on press brakes:
Bystronic-Hammerle, Durma, EHT, Finn-Power, Jordi, Gizelis, LVD, Trumpf, Prima Power, RICO PRCN, Safan-Darley, STR, Ursviken etc.
We supply: punches, dies, adapters, holders with rich selection of standard types and possility to make any special tools under request of customer including the length of 6000-8000 mm in one piece.
We are able to assist the customer to recommend tools according to his parts as well as to prepare the sequence or quotation for special shapes if necessary.
All tools are used standard clamping pins.
Trumpf - WILA dies could be replaced with Beyeler die clamping system.
Bending tools for press brakes Trumpf - WILA

Standard sizes

    Solid pieces 100, 200, 300, 500 mm
    Sectioned set 550 mm
    Complete sets for lengths: 1050, 1250, 2050, 2550, 3050, 4050 mm

Key features

    All tools are made in Italy with high-quality materials
    Material types: C45 or 42CrMo4
    Contact areas quenched 55-60 HRC
    Fast delivery deadlines
    Big variety of standard tools and custom manufacturing


    Punches 86°, 60°, 28°
    Dies 86°, 84°, 60°, 30°
    Hemming / Flattening sets
    Elongation adapters
    Bending tools for radius bends
    Bending tools for Z-bends
    Multi-V adjustable bending dies (read more...)
    Adapters for use of tools of other press brake systems


Press brake bending tonnage and force calculator

Press brake bending tonnage and force calculator

Our online tool for quick calculation of necessary force for press brake and recommended V-die opening to execute the job.

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