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Machine tools

Based on the long experience with machine tools and cooperations with metalworking proceed factories we offer for our customers equipment for tube and sheetmetal fabrication: semi-automatic and CNC press brakes, semi-automatic and CNC tube bending machines and our punch and die grinder for sheetmetal workshops. We are ready to offer for you good prices, high quality of the equipment, good delivery time and full technology and organization support for all possible questions.

Mandrel tube bending machines transparent bar CNC hydraulic press brakes transparent bar Punch and die grinder

Mandrel tube and bending machines

CNC hydraulic press brakes

Punch and die grinder

Semi-automatic or automatic CNC-controlled tube and pipe bending machines with the use of mandrel for effective fabrication of bended tubes with high productivity and precision for diameters till 114 mm even with tight radius bends till 1 diameter of tube. CNC controlled press brakes with force of bending 60-275 tons and 2100-4000 mm length ofor effective and productive bending of sheetmetal. Every press has laser safery system, CNC crowning to prevent the deflection, tool clamping system Promecam - EURO style etc. Semi-automatic effective machine for grinding of punches and dies for punching presses as the maintenance process for punching tools. All possible types (Amada Thick Turret, Trumpf, Multitool etc.) as well as special punching tools could be proceed up to diameter of 180 mm.